Devours the Light:


Devours the Light
Bless your inner fire
Divinity to honest thoughts
Awake to live not to die
Praise the Therion!


Where is the one that devours the light?


Standing tall against towers
Fear not thy thoughts
Never bend, never bow and
Speak these words of fire


Devour all light and
Make darkness king
Monarchy of the ego
Above all gods and lies


Orion´s mark on your chest
True strength breeding within
Living through thoughts and deeds
Midas´ reich shall fall


This reich must fall – downfall!


This reich must fall – this reich must fall


This reich must, this reich must, this reich must fall!


Fire´s the guide
The Storm is your bride
Destroy all barriers
These monoliths of false might


Your words shall be heard
Your fists will be seen
And thy eyes shall sting
A predator among beasts


Marching over dead bodies
Against palaces in the mist
Midas´ reich must fall
Midas´ reich will fall!


Remove all gods from your way
Ride Orion´s sacred storms
On through day and night
Tear down the ivory towers


Tear this reich down kill the king!