On the Sea of Grief:

The sea
Of grief
Below me


Starving and dying with thirst
We're floating on the wide open sea
Of overbearing mischief
Seeking shelter


But finally a small breeze is springin┬┤ up
And feeding us hope
Constantly growing, evoking wind
Wind that's caressing our red skin


Breathing slight hope


For weeks time and tide stood still
Only the sweltering sun
Touched this forsaken floating coffin
Oh cursed sun!


As strength grows low this wind
Offers relief to us
We think
We thought
And dreamt ourselves home


Even this wind won't bulge our sails
Though they are not torn and raised...
These sails are cut from traitor's cloth
Don't even cast a shadow on our limbs


So we try to row ourselves home
To reach secure and solid soil
Until we realize we move in circles
Too late we see
Our helmsman is called betrayal itself
His rudder is named suppression
He's offering us life if we bow our knees
If we decide to be slaves


But we'd rather walk the plank and drown
In our liquid grave
for we cannot be more forsaken...